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Neuman Trees

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For the majority of our tree styles, we have partnered with NeumanTree, manufacturer of permanent trees designed specifically for in-home use. Their "Brilliant" lighting system makes wires virtually undetectable on the pre-lighted trees. These trees have a 4-year warranty on the lights and a 10-year warranty on the tree construction.

Attention to detail is the hallmark of NeumanTree - including carefully-packed and easy to assemble tree sections and a tree stand in the packing box. For regular profile trees 9 ft. and taller, an extra stand for shaping is included in the box. For 9 ft. regular profile trees, pole adapters are also included to enable the tree sections to be set up as a smaller tree, thus adding versatility in tree height. Assembly instructions, which our staff has tested, are easy to follow. Elves LOVE NeumanTree.

Profiles from widest to narrowest - Deluxe, regular, narrow, slim.

Astoria Crystal Pine

Bryce Canyon Pine

Cascade Crystal Pine

Diamond Ridge Spruce

Evergreen Mixed Pine

Forest Wall

Forest Sierra Pine

Franklin Fir

Highland Fir

Grand Spruce

Mixed Mountain Pine

Rocky Mountain Pine

Snow Ridge Pine

Telluride Pine

Other Trees

Flocked Lodge Pine